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Uniform appearance and hygiene for discount retailer

Uniform appearance. Simple to clean. The load carrier as a store shelf.


The load carriers/rolling containers with items directly off the truck and into the shop: this is how discounters keep prices extra low for their customers. However, how do you ensure that all those load carriers together have a recognisable and representative appearance, and that the shop looks well-organised and attractive to the public? And, not unimportantly: how do you ensure the required hygiene? A large international discount retailer asked Van Vliet this question.


Van Vliet developed load carriers with character: in the colours of the store chain, with logos and barcodes. Made of high quality materials, so that they last a long time and remain in good condition even with intense use and transport. The load carriers are easy to clean because thought has been given to their design and materials. As a result, the carriers meet logistic, aesthetic and hygienic requirements.

Our approach

Supply chain analyse

we analysed the use and the requirements that the carriers must meet within and outside the shop.

Research & development

we developed and tested prototypes


we produced the load carriers and delivered them to the various locations abroad

Benefits for you

  • Customised solution
  • Load carriers in corporate style, with barcoding
  • Durable in use and easy to clean
  • Long lifespan

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