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Supply chain management

Every link in the supply chain influences the pricing of your product. The margins are often small, and costs are high. Where can efficiency gains be achieved? Every detail counts. Van Vliet contributes ideas proactively. We identify, analyse, advise, design and devise solutions relating to load carriers and horticulture logistics.

Supply chain management in floriculture

As a grower of floriculture products, you want to keep costs as low as possible. Where can efficiency gains be achieved in the supply chain? How can transport be organised as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible? Van Vliet contributes ideas proactively. Our contribution is based on several decades of experience with load carriers and logistics solutions, our own Research & Development department, unique in-house production facilities and a great capacity for innovation.

The benefits for you

  • Insight into improvement opportunities
  • Innovative solutions
  • From design to production

Efficiency gains in your supply chain

Van Vliet analyses your supply chain. We investigate where and how efficiency gains can be achieved. Can the load carrier help to optimise loading or/and internal- external processes? Can any other links in your delivery process be optimised? We collaborate in thought and action.

Innovative solutions for the horticulture industry

Together with you, we develop innovative solutions for your supply chain. From design to production, Van Vliet has everything in-house.

Lower costs per plant/stem. Chain optimisation.
Seek innovative solutions together with Van Vliet.

Fullserviceconcept voor snel groeiende exporteur/groothandel, menukaart

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