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Pool Management for retail

Want to have the optimal number of load carriers in every season and during every peak? Opt for Pool Management by Van Vliet.

Retail pool management

How many load carriers of which types do you need this year to deliver all orders on time? How do you deal with seasonal peaks and holidays? With pool management by Van Vliet, you have maximum flexibility and security.

We ensure perfect coordination with your international pool managers. We analyse the year in advance. Even during peak moments around Easter, Christmas and in the spring, you can rely on having sufficient volumes. We ensure that the right load carriers are ready at the right time, wherever you need them.

Benefits of retail pool management by Van Vliet

  • Flexibility and security: sufficient stock, even during peaks
  • Coordination with your international pool managers
  • 24/7 insight via our online portal
  • All documentation in one place
  • Data is easy to import

24/7 insight into your retail distribution management

All movements and transactions of your retail pool management can be followed 24/7 via our online portal. All necessary documentation is also provided, such as consignment notes and signatures of the sender or the receiver, so that you can find everything immediately. Moreover, you can easily import the data into the ERP system of your own warehouse management.

Van Vliet: the local pool partner for international retail. Always guaranteed sufficient load carriers.

We plan

We chart all peak moments and coordinate with your international pool managers.

We transport

We ensure that you have sufficient stock at the right locations during every seasonal peak.

We manage

You always have up-to-date insight. We register and document all movements and transactions on our online portal.

At each link of your supply chain, Van Vliet is ready with additional services

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