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Efficiency for floriculture growers thanks to carriers that can be disassembled

The egg of Columbus for floriculture growers is called Maestro. Space and cost savings.


The cost of FloraHolland auction trolleys can easily run very high for floriculture growers. During seasonal peaks, you can’t get enough of them and during quiet periods, they take up valuable floor space. How do floriculture entrepreneurs make sure they have enough containers during peak times without requiring additional storage space at other times?


Van Vliet developed the Maestro Container, which can be disassembled. It is not only quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, it’s also connectable, collapsible, stackable, scannable and loadable on all sides. Maestros deliver convenience and save floriculture growers a lot of valuable space in returns and storage.

Our approach

Supply chain analyse

we analysed the use and the requirements with which the carriers must comply.

Research & development

we developed and tested prototypes.


we produce the load carriers.

Repair & maintenance

We maintain the load carriers for various customers.

Benefits for you:

  • Always sufficient capacity without the need for extra storage space
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and store
  • You can decorate them with your own colours/logo, make them scannable etc.
  • Sharply reduced costs

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