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CC Container

The CC Container has different types of plates that are adjustable in height. You can rent these flower and plant containers on a daily, periodic or annual basis.

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CC Container is suitable for:

  • Potted plants, flowers and other products
  • Distribution and display of products
  • All sizes of plant trays
  • Optimum loading for lorries
  • Interchangeable throughout Europe

CC Container:
flexible use

Our flower and plant trolleys are available with height-adjustable plates. In addition, you can use many types and versions of plates for this CC Container. The CC Container is easy to move around, so you can replenish store stock and renew sales displays more easily.

Thanks to the flexible construction, the plant trolley can easily be disassembled to a fraction of the size. This reduces distribution costs. In addition, CC Containers are tailored to all sizes of plant trays, so that plants and flowers are optimally protected during transport. We manage the CC Containers in a pool system. We exchange them one-for-one via all auction depots. Sale of the trolleys includes a repair and maintenance contract.

CC containers can easily be disassembled to a fraction of the size upon return. Your advantages: significantly lower storage and distribution costs.

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Frequently asked questions

What should I do with defective equipment?

Broken frames should be returned separately, stacked 10 high with 4 posts per layer in between. The frames must have an original iron CC label and an original RFID lock.

Broken shelves should be returned separately, stacked 30 shelves per trolley. Plastic, chipboard, iron or uncoated shelves will not be accepted. When returning a broken shelf, you should always return the two long iron frames as well.

How should I return the rented equipment?

CC Undercarriages should be stacked 10 high with 4 posts per layer in between. The labels and locks should all be on the same side. There should be no broken items in the stack; these should be returned separately. Stacks containing broken items or with non-scannable RFID locks will not be accepted for return.

CC Shelves should be stacked with 30 units per container. There must not be any broken shelves in the stack when the shelves are returned. We consider a shelf with a missing short iron strip to be a broken shelf as well. Stacks containing broken items will not be accepted for return.

What Flora Holland receivables number can I use to return my hired CC Containers and CC Shelves?

If you wish to return the items hired from us through Flora Holland, the receivables number that can be used is: 469563. However, this must always be preceded by consultation. We will then determine with you whether the containers and shelves can be recorded or whether we will take them directly from your receivables number. This is because of the storage and handling fees charged by the Flora Holland auction.

How do I record my returned CC Containers and CC Shelves?

You can return CC containers and CC shelves hired from us via Please note that you will need a receivables number and login code for FloraHolland. If you require assistance, please contact Rinie Ravensbergen, tel. +31 297-231723

Can I also have CC Containers and CC Shelves recorded through the Landgard auction?

We allow CC containers and CC Shelves to be recorded through Landgard in Germany. However, due to availability, please always confer about the options first. Our receivables number at Landgard is: 379650.

Can I have DC Containers and DC Shelves repaired?

Van Vliet takes care of all repairs and maintenance to DC Containers and accessories.

Does Van Vliet also arrange transport?

Van Vliet has its own fleet of vehicles, allowing your order to be delivered quickly and on time.

Does Van Vliet also do Balance Management?

Van Vliet can monitor your daily container balance at the Flora Holland auction as an additional free service. Moreover pool management.

Where do I find the specifications for the containers and accessories?

Click on Products on our website then select the product. After making a choice you will see the corresponding specifications.

What are the business hours of Van Vliet?

Van Vliet is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Different loading and unloading times can always be arranged in consultation.

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Product specifications

Article number

Art. 10.1001


1350 mm (l) x 565 mm (w) x 1900 mm (h)


34,2 kg


Rent per day, period or year possible


Hot-dip galvanised steel and coated birch plywood 6.5 mm
PA wheels
1800 mm posts/30 holes 1.8 mm steel
450 kg max
Including RFID padlock and CC Maintenance contract
Excluding CC Plates

CC Trolley accessories

CCQ Shelf

The CCQ shelf consists of 5-layer glued plywood (6.5 mm) and has a bearing capacity of 150 kg. We rent the CCQ shelves on a daily, periodic and annual basis. The long frames are galvanised (3 mm), just like the hooks (6 mm). Outer dimensions 1275 x 545 mm. You can rent the shelf on a daily, periodic or annual basis.

Danish Shelf

The Danish Shelf is available in two different qualities. The shelf is made of 5-layer glued plywood (6 mm), outer size 1275 x 545 mm. The long frames are galvanised, just like the hooks.

1275 x 545 mm, 1,8 mm cold galvanised, 60 kg max, poplar plywood 6 mm.
1275 x 545 mm, 3 mm hot galvanised, 80 kg max, birch plywood 6,5 mm.

Danish Flex Shelf

With this shelf you can efficiently distribute plants and flowers of different heights on a container. The shelf is made of 5-layer glued poplar plywood (6 mm), ‘Made in Holland’. The long frames are galvanised (2 mm), just like the hooks (6 mm). Outer size 1350 x 565 mm in two variants: wood approx. 500 mm and wood approx. 750 mm.

Danish Mesh Wire Shelf

The Danish Mesh Wire Shelf with a carrying capacity of 150 kg is made of 5 mm thick steel wire. The size of these shelves is 1275 x 545 mm. The long frames are galvanised (3 mm), just like the hooks (6 mm).

Plastic HD Shelf

The plastic HD Shelf is of very high quality and has a long lifespan. These plates are easy to clean with steam or other methods. The shelves with a capacity of 250 kg are made of PE (ABS possible) and steel. The hooks are galvanised (5 mm). The shelves are available in two varieties: outer dimensions 1275 x 545 mm (7 kg) or 735 mm x 590 mm (3.9 kg). In the event of large orders they are also available in various colours, material types and, if desired, with your logo and text.

CCQ Posts

The CCQ posts are of a heavy quality and are hot-dip galvanised. The ordinary version, including iron spacer, is 1800 mm (30 holes/2.0 mm thick/3,4 kg).

All dimensions

  • 1800 mm (30 holes / 2,5 mm thick / 3,4 kg / hot galvanised).
  • 1800 mm (30 holes / 1,8 mm thick / 2,3 kg / cold galvanised).
  • 1150 mm (15 holes / 1,8 mm thick / 1,5 kg / cold galvanised).
  • 770 mm (10 holes / 1,8 mm thick / 1,14 kg / cold galvanised).
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