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Production of load carriers for retail

Van Vliet has its own production facilities for load carriers of aluminium, steel, wood, plastic and combinations thereof.

Van Vliet’s production facilities

Have you had a new load carrier designed by our Research & Development department? We developed and tested the prototype to ensure that the end product is fully geared to the intended use.

Our production line stands for quality and speed. A few months after the start of the R&D project, we supply you with the desired number of new load carriers, fully in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

Customisation in load carriers

  • Materials (aluminium, wood, plastic, steel)
  • House style and colours
  • Shape, size and weight
  • Scannable
  • Handling convenience
  • Appearance
  • Hygiene
  • Safety

Customisation, quality and speed

Our production line is tailored to customisation, quality and speed. We offer you more than 20 years of expertise in load carriers. You can count on quick access to the requested quantity of load carriers.

Do you want to have load carriers developed and produced? Van Vliet has its own production facilities.

We design

Van Vliet designs solutions that quickly pay for themselves. Shape, size, useful life, weight, strength, adaptability, maintenance aspects, appearance: we make sure everything is right.

We develop

Van Vliet develops and tests the prototypes until everything is perfect. Retail optimisation is in good hands with us.

We produce

Van Vliet takes the final design into production. We have our own production facilities. You will have your new load carriers within a few months.

At each link of your supply chain, Van Vliet is ready with additional services

Uniform appearance and hygiene for discount retailer

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