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Full service concept brings wholesale convenience and overview. Bespoke growth-oriented support.

Full service concept brings wholesale convenience and overview. Customization on growth.


A rapidly expanding wholesaler/exporter threatened to lose its control of its administration and planning due to increasing demand. As a result, a great deal of time was wasted looking for documentation and resolving logistic and planning problems on the fly. Van Vliet was asked: what form of support will enable us to regain our grip on these aspects?


The full service concept of Van Vliet guarantees complete peace of mind. In order to open up the road to rapid growth for this wholesaler, we discussed logistics and administrative processes in close consultation. Based on the subsequent findings, we compiled a tailor-made package from our menu of logistical, material and administrative solutions.

Our approach

Handling services

Van Vliet arranges the storage and complete logistics of load carriers/rolling containers.

Repair & maintenance

we maintain and repair all load carriers.

Pool management

If required, we also ensure that the customer has an optimal number of load carriers on a daily basis.

Benefits for you

  • Insight and overview: online administration incl. track and trace and document management
  • Peace and security: the right number of load carriers at every location, every day
  • Always ready for further growth
  • Optimal use of the expensive square metres of businesses in the wholesale industry

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