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Supplier of flowers and plants for international retail chain

18% more loading of trucks thanks to innovative rolling container.


In the retail sector, smart logistics solutions and innovations in the supply chain can lead to substantial cost reductions. A supplier in flowers and plants for an international retailer asked Van Vliet to analyse areas where optimisation was possible.


Van Vliet studied the processes together with the customer and found a solution in the development of a special load carrier, which provides an impressive 18% increase in load per full truck. Van Vliet supervised the process from design to completion.

Our approach

Supply chain analysis

We investigated areas where efficiency gains could be achieved.

Research & development

We designed and tested a load carrier with 18% more loading space.


We delivered the load carriers in large quantities.

Repair & maintenance

We ensure the maintenance.

Benefits for you

  • Fast turnaround time from request to solution, because Van Vliet manages all steps in the process itself
  • Short return on investment thanks to 18% savings
  • Chain cost reduction
  • More efficient return logistics

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