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Service for small/medium-sized floriculture (and retail) suppliers

Convenience and efficiency in triplicate: logistics, equipment and administration.


Supermarkets and other large retail chains are important customers for floriculture and retail suppliers. However, getting the right products in the right place at the right time requires innovative solutions in logistics, equipment and administration, which not every entrepreneur possesses. A floriculture entrepreneur asked van Vliet: how can I continue to keep up with the ever-changing demand from chain stores?


Van Vliet offers this customer and other suppliers of large retail chains convenience and efficiency in triplicate: logistics, equipment and administration, thanks to solutions that enable entrepreneurs in floriculture and retail to connect seamlessly to the processes of their customers. The supplier has online insight into the current situation at any given moment: all transactions and the accompanying documents can be retrieved immediately. The administration is easily uploaded to the supplier’s own environment via a user-friendly interface.

Our approach

Handling services

we coordinate the planning with our customer’s client/producer.

Distribution services:

we guarantee that the right types and numbers of rolling containers/load carriers are ready at the right time in the right place.


we facilitate the entire administrative processing on our online platforms.

Benefits for you

  • Full transparency, insight into the current situation at any given moment
  • Flexibility: always ready for sudden changes and rush orders
  • Chain efficiency
  • The customer is rid of the hassle and can fully focus on its core business

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