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Welcome to K.G. van Vliet Verhuur B.V.

Over the last 20 years, K.G. van Vliet Verhuur B.V. has grown to become one of the largest European companies that purchases, sells, rents and leases Danish (CC) Containers, CC Euro Containers, Maestro Containers and accessories relating to the transport of flowers and plants. K.G. van Vliet Verhuur B.V. is located in Aalsmeer where it has premises of more than 25,000m2. All its activities take place from this very centrally situated location. Sale and rental are competitively priced, and service and quality are highly regarded by the management and staff.

Quality first!

K.G. van Vliet Verhuur B.V. has complete and direct control over the production of Danish Containers and accessories. Production occurs exclusively according to the quality requirements, the specifications, and the guidelines issued by Container Centralen A/S in Denmark, the organisation with whom K.G. van Vliet Verhuur B.V. has concluded reparation and maintenance contracts. This allows the containers and accessories to be included in the pool system. Because K.G. van Vliet Verhuur B.V. possesses its own production facilities, it is able to fabricate containers tailored to the customer's needs, for all sorts of sectors.

Personal fleet

K.G. van Vliet Verhuur B.V. possesses its own fleet of vehicles, allowing it to deliver orders quickly. Moreover, thanks to the auction depots located at various large auction houses, exporters can make considerable savings on their transport costs.

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